Tourist Trap Worth the Trip: Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita is worth a trip.

Hear me out.

Everything you’ve heard about Casa Bonita is true. The scattered Christmas lights, scrunched tables and outrageous prices hint at a different era of “family” entertainment. The cliff diving is about as impressive as a cannonball off a diving board, and the staff’s skits rely on toddler humor. Even the food rumors are true: the nacho salad I ate there once was comprised of hot lettuce with unmelted cheese. I, however, have two arguments for a Casa Bonita trip.

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My Arrhythmia

Why, two years after her death, I can’t let go of Jessica Ghawi—and don’t want to.

Even here, I couldn’t escape her smile. Denver International Airport’s Terminal C was artificially cool despite the July heat outside, and I tried to focus on the movement of equipment and people—that life-blood flowing around me—but I couldn’t. I just kept staring at that smile, which was plastered, larger-than-life, on a TV screen tuned to CNN, and listening to Anderson Cooper drone on about shootings, and guns, and too-short lives.

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15 Minutes With…Colorado Super-Athlete Ben Clark

Name: Ben Clark
Age: 35
Job: Commercial Filmmaker

In 2002, at the age of 23, when most of us are still trying to find our first real job, Ben Clark hit a career high, both literally and figuratively, by becoming the youngest American to summit Mount Everest. He spent the next 10 years pioneering routes in Himalaya. Today Clark lives in Telluride, with his two-year-old son, Charlie, and looks for new challenges, like his next one: Nolan’s 14.

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Shop Talk: I Heart Denver Store

Sure, the I Heart Denver Store has plenty of Colorado flag T-shirts, but this gift-store homage to the Mile High City has plenty of more subtle displays of hometown pride (think: local artists). Owner Samuel Schimek’s “Snake” canvas print (a baby blue snake, designed in 3D-depth) has eyes that follow you around the store—along with his real-life, furrier friend on four legs. Schimek’s shop began as a pop-up project in 2009 before he settled into a brick-and-mortar location at the Denver Pavilions in 2011. We sat down to chat with him about his store, owls, and the Denver art scene.

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Survival Guide: A Zoo Trip with Kids

The phrase, “let’s go to the Denver Zoo,” should not be thrown around lightly when you have kids. Planning is key: On a hot summer’s day, a misstep could lead to a meltdown in front of the penguins. But when planned correctly, this is an outing filled with stimulation, education, and, of course, good old fun. From sea lion feedings to watching peacocks stroll on the sidewalk, the zoo can be a different experience every time your family goes this summer.

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Jessica Redfield Ghawi, Continuing the Legacy of a Sports Journalist

When researching an article about the motivations and struggles of becoming a female sports journalist, no one could give a better perspective than Jessica Redfield Ghawi. Jessica, who died in the Aurora theatre shooting just over a year ago, was determined, personable and committed to the task of breaking into a still male- dominated profession.The Jessica Redfield Ghawi Scholarship Fund, established in her memory, helps aspiring female journalists looking to achieve similar career dreams. However, the road for these women still requires grappling with stereotypes and proving their worth in a male-dominated career.

Jessica, the Best Conversation Starter

All stories start with a conversation. Most conversations are not particularly important. A majority of events in life do not resonate long after they are gone. Sports are much the same way. I have been to hundreds of sporting events in my lifetime. Many are forgotten and others are only brief fragments in my mind. The ones that have survived were created by a compelling story that lives on after the final whistle.

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Colorado Avalanche Milan Hejduk’s 1,000th game, My First as Press

Milan Hejduk described several times his first NHL goal in his first NHL game in 1998.  Joe Sakic and Keith Jones assisted as the Colorado Avalanche lost to the Ottawa Senators 5-3. It was an unremarkable game if not for that goal, but years later, as Sakic delivered his former Stanley Cup Champion line mate his silver stick, it suddenly had significance. Last night, Hejduk joined Sakic as the only players to play over 1,000 games with the Quebec Nordiques/Avalanche. Hejduk is the lone player with the accomplishment while playing only for the Avalanche. Colorado lost an unremarkable 1,000th game to the Dallas Stars 3-2, but it had great significance to me.

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Lance Armstrong: A Tale of Two Cyclists And An American Gangster

January 18, 2013

“This is my body, and I can do whatever I want to it. I can Push it; Study it; Tweak it; Listen to it. Everybody wants to know what I am on. What am I on? I am on my bike busting my ass six hours a day; what are YOU on?” –Lance Armstrong

I started going to a “Lance Armstrong 24 Hour Fitness” in high school and read that quote on the wall every visit. The gym no longer has the Armstrong name; the murals of Lance, the quotes, they’re all gone. I stopped wearing my Livestrong bracelet about six months ago, the first time I was without one since seventh grade. There was a time in my life where I thought I would wear one forever. I know about pelotons, coasting and the yellow jerseys because of Lance Armstrong. Once I believed him when he said he wasn’t cheating. I knew long before last night that he fooled everyone.

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Colorado Buffaloes Made Horrible Misstep in Firing Coach Embree

By Derek Kessinger
Nov. 27th 2012

Mike Bohn survived a rough press conference and emerged victor after successfully firing his third head coach as Athletic Director. The University of Colorado let Jon Embree go after two seasons as the coach of theColorado Buffaloes football program. Bohn’s termination of the Jon Embree era occurred with three years remaining on a five-year contract. The Athletic Director cited that the program’s trajectory is not where they hoped it would be. Now Bohn has to find a new Head Coach…..

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