Newsletter: The Email Debt Forgiveness Day Newsletter

Email Debt Forgiveness Day (April 30th) is a holiday made for this newsletter. We all know that this newsletter has been as sporadic as a Colorado Rockies’ winning streak.

Events that happen with more regularity than this newsletter: Taylor Swift music videos, superhero movies, Tom Brady suspensions and me changing apartments.

Today, that doesn’t matter, because it’s EMAIL DEBT FORGIVENESS DAY.

All the details are here.

And if you’re not listening to the podcast, Reply All, PJ and Alex are the friends you always wished you had in half-hour increments. They tell interesting stories about the internet and work for Gimlet media, my dream company.

I even get a merit badge for this… No joke, listen to the episode, which includes a great love story and some heartbreaking emails.

Term 2

The highlights of the term have existed outside of my main work, video editing and copywriting. I’ve enjoyed conversations and brainstorming sessions with Victor, Eli, Aaron and the Ei team about the direction of different aspects of the organization. It’s also been great to be involved in interviews for next year’s Ei class.

Here’s my latest post about my year.

I’m still working out third term, but it’s hard to believe that I’m two-thirds of the way through this year.

The DK Chronicle

Since Leap Day, I have written a lot. I have posted on my website every weekday since the start of a project called DK Chronicle. The inspiration came from the Leap Kit and it’s pushed me to share personal pieces that make me uncomfortable.

The project will end on Friday, May 6th with my 50th post. I will have a final project to share at some point. This is not the end of me sharing my work, but the beginning. This is an area where I’m in my element and want to continue to create projects that interest me. I hope that my work will increase in scope and influence.

 Thanks for all of your support!